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Tree Trimming Plano, TX

Plano Tree Trimming

Specializing in the refinement of tree maintenance, you can count on the experts at The Tree Fella, guaranteeing to keep your trees beautifully managed year-round.

Only the necessary amount of foliage is removed from your trees; concentrating on the health, shape and balance. Cuts are clean and precise. All equipment is sterilized before each job and our arborist is present on each job site.

The aesthetics of your trees involves the surgical removal of limbs, deadwood, suckers, crossovers, hazardous or diseased limbs, ivy and mistletoe. This process of elimination is viewed by trained eyes that constantly monitor the health, balance and shape of your trees while viewing all angles in and around your trees to achieve the best possible look for your landscape.

Carefully analyzing factors such as the size of the tree and it's adjacency to things like building structures, power lines and accessibility for heavy equipment, we will then make one final conclusion as to why the tree is being removed to begin with. Is the tree dying or dead? Is it causing an obstruction to other trees or structures or is it truly unavoidable due to construction? Once a final decision has been made, we will then proceed with our cutting process. Cutting the tree several inches below soil level and leaving the area clear of debris, the ending result will appear as if we had not been there at all.

At The Tree Fella you can rely on us ALWAYS for our knowledgeable, professional staff, our flexible scheduling calendar and ALWAYS a price that will be competitively marked for our industry. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation please do not hesitate to call us at (972) 612-6816.

CROWN THINNING- Very similar to the technique of "daylighting", Crown Thinning is utilized in able to remove excessive foliage in the interior of the tree. The ending result will reduce unnecessary weight and windsail on those windy days.

POLLARDING- As seen in the picture above, this form of pruning is characteristic to very young trees. Pollarding is used in able to maintain a desired size and desired shape.

DAYLIGHTING- Much like, Crown Thinning, the procedure of Daylighting is utilized in able to remove excessive foliage from the center or interior of the tree, resulting in a loss of excessive weight and windsail.

TREE SHAPING- Very similar to Crown Shaping, Tree Shaping is commonly used in able to create definite lines such as hedge pruning and shapingtrees along the streets.

Thank you for your interest in The Tree Fella and we look forward to caring for your trees in the near future!

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